A Prelude to the Fractional Calculus Applied to Tumor Dynamic


  • Rubens de Figueiredo Camargo UNESP
  • Arianne Vellasco Gomes UNESP-Botucatu
  • Najla Varalta UNESP-Botucatu




In order to refine the solution given by the classical logistic equation and extend its range of applications in the study of tumor dynamics, we propose and solve a generalization of this equation, using the so-called Fractional Calculus, i. e., we replace the ordinary derivative of order one in the usual equation by a non-integer derivative of order $ 0 < \alpha \leq 1$, and recover the classical solution as a particular case. Finally, we analyze the applicability of this model to describe the growth of cancer tumors.

Author Biography

Rubens de Figueiredo Camargo, UNESP



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