An A Posteriori Error Estimator for a Non Homogeneous Dirichlet Problem Considering a Dual Mixed Formulation

T. P. Barrios, R. Bustinza, C. Campos


In this paper, we describe an a posteriori error analysis for a conforming dual mixed scheme of the Poisson problem with non homogeneous Dirichlet boundary condition. As a result, we obtain an a posteriori error estimator, which is proven to be reliable and locally efficient with respect to the usual norm on H(div;Omega) x L^2(Omega). We remark that the analysis relies on the standard Ritz projection of the error, and take into account a kind of a quasi-Helmholtz decomposition of functions in H(div;Omega), which we have established in this work. Finally, we present one numerical example that validates the well behavior of our estimator, being able to identify the numerical singularities when they exist.


mixed finite element methods; a posteriori error estimator; reliability; efficiency

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